Found about 30mins outside Canberra, this station once formed part of the Canberra ARHS ACT “Michelago” branch line operation. The line from Canberra to Michelago was once leased by the ARHS ACT divison but its current status is unknown at the moment for future use.

You could almost missed Royalla in driving but i managed to pull over and saw the 3 rolling stock items and it  was then immediate that the site did look uncared for and was overgrown. The rolling stock on site consists of a petrol wagon, coal wagon and hopper. Tall grass and weeds were seen all across the yard.

The station at Royalla is a small corrugated iron cladded hut and a small green coloured work building with a “Royalla” sign attached. All boarded up and unpainted meaning not much is happening there it seems. The rollingstock at Royalla was in this morning sun light captured quite well. I was puzzled as to why coal was still in the hopper after no use for so long …. like it was literally left there years ago on the last ever movement run or something. Maybe one day it will one be collected and reused.


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