While out on a day off work, i ran again into some new friends I made recently – Robert and Bruce Wheatley – 2 brothers who have written a series of very interesting books on the NSW railway system.


Their book series is called RAILWAY PORTRAITS –

The books – 2 volumes so far – have hundreds of black and white photos showcasing the history of the NSWGR network in the 1950-60s. They are well taken photos and a great reference material for history readers and model enthusiasts.

Due to demand and popularity, they are working on a volume 3 and also are working on a webpage to release shortly to help sell their books.

At the moment they are selling their 2 volumes for $100 a set or Vol 1 $55 and Vol 2 $50 for a special price. If you want to buy either books, let them know that you saw it on this webpage so they are aware. If interested in the books contact them on their email and phone as shown in photo.
They are two very nice people trying to help keep alive the old memories of when NSW had steam locomotives and people were the focus of the railway system.


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