A bit about me / why i have the webpage up…..

My blog is an outlet to share some of my media work and travels over the years / past trips around Australia and overseas, such as visiting intrastate trips, volunteer work I have done or overseas trips to World War 1 battlefields in Turkey, France and Belgium.This webpage will also show some of my photographic skills off at times – I am known for my creative composition and artistic photo results.

I am involved in a variety of interests, some which are for me evolving into a new career path over time. My main interests see me assisting at various railway and aviation tourism projects located around NSW in roles covering management, general duties and media duties.

Over the years due to my work and involvement in various community projects, I have built a varied and interesting media profile up. I have appeared in many media events over the years –

  • I once did modelling work in the mid 1990s with it been published in the Sun Herald newspaper,
  • I have featured in a TV interview with Channel 7 news in Sydney during 2006 regarding railway operations,
  •  I have done many radio and newspaper interviews since 2009 for railway heritage work across NSW. I have been involved in around 20 radio interviews and 15 newspapers interviews, so I think I have a good understanding of media operations.

Due to my interest in saving heritage buildings and aircraft, I have become involved with volunteer tourism projects across NSW. My media skills are regularly seen at Gundagai Heritage Railway and Glenreagh Mountain Railway projects. I also provide support and assistance to other heritage railway projects located at Canowindra, Temora and Eskbank. I have provided assistance to Bombala and Merriwa rail projects in the past. Through my efforts various projects have also gained new membership, new sponsors and donations in some cases due to my connections.

Other past examples of my volunteer work has seen me hold roles at –

M.V Baragoola – I did some media work helping to promote the saving of the ferry and was also a general volunteer work onboard this historic / Sydney’s oldest harbour ferry. I worked  along side others from the preservation association during 2010-2011.

3801 Ltd – I volunteered as a general worker during 2008-2010 where i assisted others in maintaining and  restoring various heritage rollingstock such as carriages, diesels and steam trains.


One of my other hobbies is  that I am passionate to share what i see and record to enable others who can t see these events, to have an insight and understand. This happens with my photographic / journalist writings, where I have contributed to 3 well known Australian aviation and railway magazines.

Being a writer/journalist/photographer these roles allow me to travel to historical places, interview many different people and see some very interesting events. I have been writing since 2009 with my work published in popular magazines such as Railway Digest, Australian Railway History and Australian Pilot. Recently I have been asked by a US/global webpage, http://www.warbirdnews.com to contribute to on a regular basis.

My writing covers business / military / airshow / heritage features stories or reviews, warbird news and pilot profiles.

I am also looking at expanding using my technical/heritage adviser skills to assist with film work working with film directors and producers who make military/war movies in next few years.


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