In driving 2.5hrs south of Sydney i came to North Goublurn where i photographed the old diused North Goulburn railway station. You can see a heritage building on the rear of the platform and the signal box is present but boarded up. The mudholes were quite noticeable here.

I also followed the starting section of the Goulburn – Crookwell railway branch line as it leaves Goulburn and heads to the country town. Below is an overview of the rail area it was once visible on near the main line.

The Crookwell branch section has been lifted and cut off from the main south line …a long time ago. Below are the remanents of the former track perway.


As it branched off the main line it cut through scrub and skimmed the edges of suburbia. In places the line came within 5-10metres of a house/property… quite unusual in this modern era.


About 600m up the road, the Crookwell line has cutting which take it across level crossing and you can see the timber underneath the bitumen clearly. ( More about Crookwell railway station in a later update)


After this photoshoot, while at the overpass bridge, looking north i saw coming down the main south line, a NSW Government Countrylink train – an Endeavour set…bringing people to Goulburn.

Also noted were speed board signs and markers


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