Michelgao was once a bustling town in the 1800-1900s, nowdays it is a smaller town but still steeped in NSW heritage and history.

There is something quite appealing – almost like attention grabbing – about coming across a rural “rustic” heritage railway yard for the first time. The bright colours, old fashioned structures and composition of surrounding items leaves one to ponder…. like it was built and then walked away from …

These features draw the eye closer wanting to know more, yearning to search out more imagining – what was it was once like when steam locmotives pulled passenger carriages, goods wagons and mail to the south of NSW.

Michelago is part of the of the main Cooma branch line and was a major station until its demise around late 1980s .This station was made to a common design across NSW in the 1880s and was quite nice to see it still well preserved even if underused. It still attracts attention – as while i was surveying the station buildings, i saw many people were in the yard wandering around and looking at its layout.

The station is brick and painted heritage red – it is bright and unsual to see this colour in the middle of nowhere. The yard has semaphore signals still installed, down the south end past the large goods shed is a turntable that was resintalled in 2008 and a fettler shed just north of the platform.


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