The railway station dates from 1886 and the line was closed in 1984 due to flooding and rebuilding costs. The station nearly got demolished in 1990 by the state government but at last minute a local Gundagai group GHBI, took over and restoration has been ongoing since then. Most work was done in 1990s-mid 2000s with platform and building restoration by volunteers. Neatly 20years on the museum is open to the general public and attracts many people every year and growing. Weddings, groups and international tourists are some of the inbound tourists.

The Gundagai railway station is currently the longest railway station made from timber building in NSW remaining from its era and as such is heritage listed.

A signal box and water tank are also present around the station in the yard. A turntable is missing, the large goods shed is intact and overall the railway yard is mostly intact with ground frames and railway track. Signals are seen at both ends of the railway yard.

Various displays are seen in the museum rooms and in yard. Rollingstock is displayed and includes a S truck goods wagon and a NVFF guards van on the railway line.

More can be seen at the Gundagai Railway Museum webpage –

Station building

Yard features


Goods Shed

Turntable pit

The 2 famous Gundagai bridges – rail and road side by side

We leave you with a great view of the station basking in late afternoon sunshine


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